Scott Gentry Sculpture
As a sculptor of contemporary figuratism and modern organic sculpture, Scott Gentry
has fashioned his own style of expression in stone and bronze.  His inspiration, form of
expression and use of various media create a synergy that is present in the pieces he
creates.  His pieces combine soft curves and sharp lines in many common and complex
shapes to create 3-dimensional works that encourage one’s hands to touch, mind to
imagine and command for the focused attention of the viewer to feel the energy they emote.

Scott began stone sculpting at the Creative Arts Center in
Dallas, TX.  Soon after beginning
stone sculpting he traveled to
Pietrasanta, Italy to learn more about this ancient form of
art.  There in Italy, he was able to study in the same setting as many renowned sculptors
had.  As he learned about the varieties of stone available and how each one would carve
differently from the next, a passion for the art quickly ensued and has since led to a lifelong
commitment.  Scott’s continuous search for knowledge about stone sculpting has also
taken him to
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Ventura, California.  In San Miguel de
Allende, Scott learned the process of bronze wax casting.  He enriched his knowledge of
stone sculpting with his studies in Ventura, CA.  In Ventura, Scott was introduced to a new
and vast array of stones available for his use as a stone sculptor.

Scott’s body of work has accumulated to encompass pieces held in private collection s to
large outdoor commissioned works.  The works are all carved from a wide array of stones
that include basalt pillars, various types of marbles, alabaster, soapstone and limestone.  
Scott’s works also include some of his original stone pieces being cast into bronzes.  
Each bronze is first cast and then a patina is selected.  The piece is complete after the
patina has been applied.  

Scott lived in Dallas, TX for 10 years, where he was a resident artist and an instructor at the
Creative Arts Center. He presently lives in N.C. and is sculpting in his very own studio,
while in college pursuing nursing. Along with stone sculpting and bronze works, Scott is
also an active member in various societies and associations.  He is active in the National
Sculpture Society, Texas Sculpture Association, Dallas Visual Arts Center, the Creative Arts
Center, McKinney Avenue Art Contemporary and the International Sculpture Center.
Scott Gentry Sculpture

Scott Patterson Gentry * 214-356-9937